Our suppliers

Hiden Analytical specialises in the design, development, and manufacture of gas analysis tools, including mass spectroscopy instruments. The product range addresses a diverse range of applications, such as Gas Analysis and Residual Gas Analysis, Plasma Characterisation, SIMS Surface Analysis and SNMS Surface Analysis, UHV Surface Science, Catalysis and Thermal Analysis. The instruments operate in a pressure range from 30 bar down to UHV/XHV.

Edwards Vacuum is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement solutions and related value-added services.

For over 100 years, Edwards has delivered the highest quality vacuum pumps and exhaust management system solutions, from laboratories to the most demanding semiconductor and industrial processes. Fields of expertise encompass a broad range of applications, from generation of power to the production of steel, to the challenging environments of space simulation and high energy physics research.

Gamma Vacuum specialises in the design, manufacturing of and service on ion pumps (IGPs), titanium sublimation pumps (TSPs) and their controls.

Experience in real world vacuum environments ranging from systems manufacturing and optics handling to TIG welding for vacuum environments provides this industry leading ion pump supplier a solid base for the development of instruments of superior quality.

The scia Systems are applicable for coating, etching, and cleaning processes, especially for the MEMS, microelectronics, and precision optics industries. The process equipment is flexible and modular in design, thus can be easily configured for research applications and for high-volume production. It suits silicon wafer-based substrate sizes, smaller samples on carriers, and optical substrates with up to 3 m diameter.

As a specialist in vacuum metrology, Thyracont develops and manufactures high-end vacuum measuring devices. The product portfolio includes vacuum sensors, vacuum transducers, vacuum meters, vacuum switches, controllers as well as accessories and vacuum components. Depending on the scope of your tasks, a wide range of measuring principles can be combined, such as Piezo, Pirani, capacitive, cold cathode and hot cathode.

Just Vacuum is the one-stop-shop for standard flange parts, vacuum chambers and deposition components and systems, as well as for complete vacuum systems including pumping and measuring equipment and complete system control and automation technology. As your capable partner in all ranges of the vacuum and deposition technology we design and manufacture vacuum systems for different applications.

To a growing global demand for better nutrition, health and environmental protection, advanced technology offers yet another convincing answer: lyophiliosis, in other words, freeze drying. It is simply the best and all-natural way to preserve natural ingredients for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals,  and biotech, among other industries. We are here to offer this superior preservation method to producers on all scales. Starting today.